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Richard H Howell


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spacer As a buyer's exclusive representive, I want to advise you of two important facts before continuing. 1. Almost always the seller pays my fee and 2. Unlike the rest of the nation, in Texas, sold prices of real estate are not public knowledge. First allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Howell and I entered the residential real estate profession for the first time in 1994 as an agent under the sponsorship of a Texas Licensed Broker. All new licensees must enter the business in this manner because The Texas Real Estate Commission (a Texas consumer protection agency) mandates this in order to protect the public from agents with no training. Prior to this, I had a successful sales and sales management career in the industrial sector doing business in the United States and many foreign countries. Although not real estate, those years of experience helped me to develop negotiation skills with people of many backgrounds and cultures. In addition, the various business situations were very valuable in learning how to solve problems that arose to the satisfaction of all involved parties. Because a real estate transaction can, and sometimes does, become a very emotional experience, this problem solving experience has been invaluable to my real estate clients. In 2000, I qualified for and received a Texas Real Estate Broker’s license and opened my own company specializing in representing major banks and mortgage companies in listing and selling properties on which they had been forced to foreclose. In those years, plus the preceding years, I listed and sold literally hundreds of both single family and condominium dwellings. I point this out to give you some idea of the knowledge and practical experience gained to better serve my client’s interests. After closing the corporation, I devoted my efforts to representing only clients referred by former clients and HomeGain as well as other referral sources. I represent buyers only on an exclusive representation basis. The Texas Property Code states all real estate licensees represent only the interests of the seller, but must treat all parties fairly. In assisting buyers only in purchasing their new home, it is my belief that reversing that allows me to totally represent the buyer’s interests, but, of course, still treat all parties fairly. Fortunately Texas makes a provision for that and allows brokers and agents to provide that consumer service. Perhaps you have purchased other homes in Texas and know all the steps that go into finding suitable prospects including the following: writing offers correctly with any and all addenda and amendments, the meaning of all the terms and conditions in the Texas Real Estate Commission promulgated contracts, the approved Texas Association of Realtors® copyrighted forms and those of The Houston Association of Realtors® relevant forms plus the other myriad of details. Perhaps not! After the home has been located, writing an offer is just the beginning. First there are negotiations with the seller, usually through another agent or broker, which can be very smooth or contentious and are best handled by a disinterested party (broker or agent) thus avoiding injecting emotional elements into a serious business transaction. After your offer is accepted, the real work begins. This involves many tasks some in which you must be involved including loan application. Other work goes on some of which you may not be aware, but are always privileged to know, if desired. First is making sure all contract forms are completed correctly, initialed and dated, signed and, importantly, not signed, initialed or dated where they shouldn’t. After that, checks will be collected, sent to the title company and the contract registered. In addition, it is the Broker’s responsibility to see the seller’s option check is delivered and properly receipted. This is of paramount importance to the buyer. There will be appraisals of the property and inspections to determine what repairs are needed. It is the Broker’s responsibility to then work with you to determine and advise what repairs are absolutely required, those you would like to have and those you agree are not that important to your enjoyment of your new home. At that point, I would then enter into further negotiations with the seller to get agreement as to what repairs the seller is willing to do and those he is not, and present those options to you for your decision. I would then work out a solution agreeable to all parties and monitor repairs so they are completed in the time frame necessary to comply with the contract terms. When we reach that point in the transaction, I then observe and monitor all the contract steps agreed on to make sure no one delays the closing date. Again, let me assure you that I will keep you informed of all the details you wish to know and absolutely all of which you must be aware. There are other steps and factors a broker must undertake that enter into purchasing a new home on the buyer’s behalf. I thought some of the above mentioned steps would give you a better understanding of what is a complicated transaction. I do hope to have the pleasure of meeting you very soon to answer all of your questions.

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