Strong web exposure
    UNLIMITED listings including up to 4 photos each
    Easy to use web interface
    Personal web page address
    Exposure to over 500,000 hits monthly

Member Benefits

  • Referrals - Receive referrals from other Realtors. WRE is an electronic referral network for members to use when placing or receiving referrals.
  • Increased client contacts - The WRE network is involved with numerous Internet marketing campaigns to drive targeted traffic to the site.
  • Personal Web Page - Included in membership is a fully interactive personal web page. WRE members can post and update listings, personal biographies, company name and phone and upload photos directly from your computer.
  • Affordable - Simply put, WRE participation is a great value, total cost is only $24.50 per year and the reduced rate is locked in.
  • Member Interaction Exhange ideas, post articles, join a discussion group, share tips and participate in member polls.
  • Unlimited Listings- Members can post unlimited listings and each property can have up to 4 photos and print a color flyer.
  • Service Area - Members can be listed in all the communities they serve at no additional cost.
  • Reliability - The WRE web site is fast, easy to use, and reliable. WRE members value the trouble-free and time saving features.

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